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Rise of the Guardians.

Dreamworks have once again shown that they can make a movie which can have interesting characters and a fluid plot with beautiful animation to tell the story. Though another movie based on a book series, it is in no way disadvantaged in story telling than an original feature would be. It’s voice acting is superb and does not rely on the gimmick of famous voices to sell the movie alone. The actors used are recognizable, though be no means alter the character to suit their public images. The most pleasing of which to hear was that of Jude Law as the villain Pitch Black, whose voice oozed charisma with a hint of tingling fear. The plot is standard holiday fair but with the characters of childhood tales makes up for the good things get taken over by bad guy and only we can save the children story line. The settings enhance the fairytale elements by being bright and immersible  and the humour is well placed and not overtly relied upon, there are no jokes or pop culture references for the sake of them. After the highly successful ”How to train your dragon” it seems as though Dreamworks is breaking away from its somewhat juvenial humour to an extent. 

Sadly upon writing this there are several films upcoming which i feel could hamper this artistic growth, namely the large number of sequels to some adequet but not outstanding movies,namely Madagascar, seriously when are they going to get back home?! The Shrek franchise,a new Puss in boots movie, an original fresh idea to counter the disnification of children’s movies which has turned soured and rotten from the lack of imaginative direction.

RotG was well told and the character well developed, the interpretation of the book, though lacking in detail which is of course necessary to fit within the run time of a children’s movie, makes for a wonderful Christmas movie experience  (albeit set at Easter time). I can already see that Jack Frost will be a new fandom here on tumblr due to the fact his pixels have been attractively arranged and his mannerisms play upon the roguish trickster which has become a major fetish in the online community (i’m looking at you Loki fans)

Defiantly worth a trip to the cinema to see the amazing animation and to tide you over in the fantasy front till The Hobbits release.


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